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First powder day at Grand Montets

Apart from the crowds the first proper powder day at GM was fantastic. Lots of very deep powder and some great tree skiing to be had. Not much open, but tomorrow they are going to open the Bochard so if you can deal with the crowds (as its a Sunday and its amazing weather) that would be the place to head to…

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the Season has definitely started- 5th Dec

Apologies for the lack of updates but I have been away for the last month. Now I’m back in Chamonix and its looking great. Last night it dumped for hours and is still snowing now so there will be some great powder to be had this weekend. Otherwise I have toured up to the Lognon a few times and the icefalls on the Argentiere glacier (RHS) are forming really nicely. Not all are in condition but the big walls such as Grand Bleu and Icelander wall are looking climbable. The Twins are also starting to form nicely but have yet to form completely (still early days yet).

I have a photo that I will upload later of the icefalls

Added to this the Cremerie will no doubt have formed by now as Valley temps have been low for quite a while now. Its possible that there will be some melt running underneath them but I dont think it will be a major problem. The main issue is having to break trail through all this snow to get there

Otherwise there are reports that the Colonne at the Col Des Montets is formed and the Les Houches ice fall is also coming along well in the last few days. I think in a couple of days this should be climbable too.

Higher up I have no idea as all the lifts have been shut so no-one has ventured up high. And why would you with all this snow about? Skiing wise only the Grands Montets is open for the moment but as of tomorrow it will be open for the season which is good news.

We will be heading over to the Argentiere icefalls in the next few days so will report back then

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The Secret- third ascent

While I’m enjoying the delights of London there are or more to the point were good conditions up in Scotland. Tony Stone and Blair Fyffe put up the third (?) ascent of The Secret which is awesome for them. Well done to them

To keep up to date here are some Scottish blogs:

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Snow snow everywhere- 30 Oct

Finally after a few days of miserable weather the clouds are now clearing and there is alot of snow…everywhere. Not at all climbing conditions for the moment but if you fancy an early season ski there is no harm heading up off the Midi right now…

Town from my window


Went skiing at Flegere today. a good 30cm of powder up at Index:

Click on theimage below for a higer res version of the Jorasses north face as of today:

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