Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Snow sports / Landscape / Patagonia / Everest / Pakistan / Alaska

Adam Long

Photography has been a natural career progression for Adam. Following a childhood obsessed by nature and mountains he studied Environmental Geosciences at Sheffield University, a period during which his photography evolved from merely a record of his adventures into a tool for artistic impression. Finding inspiration first from the local Peak district, and latterly from some of the wildest corners of the world, his fascination with everything in the natural world from insects to mountain ranges has created many memorable images.

Adam’s images regularly feature in all the UK climbing magazines (Climb, Climber, Summit, Friction as well as the now closed On the Edge and High) as well as more widely-read publications such as The Times.

Clients include:

Beyond Hope, The BMC, CSE Space Management, DMM, French Rock, Great Orme Copper Mines, John Muir Trust, Lyon Equipment, Metolius, Rotovision, Spanset